The driveline of your vehicle includes all of the components of the powertrain of your car, with the exception of the engine itself and the transmission. These components include the axles, the yokes, joints, drive shafts, wheels, differentials, pinions and so much more.

Here are a few signs that you need to look out for to know whether your vehicle already needs a driveline service and repair:

  • Weird noises – Issues with your car’s drive line may manifest themselves throughout the vehicle that can lead to the production of some interesting and weird sounds. There may be some loud sounds that can be heard when driving your car. Also, you might hear a faint whir that emanates when you are driving at a higher rate of speed.
  • Issues in turning – Drive shafts that are no longer functioning properly can be more worrisome once they already affect the ability of turning your car. Does it seem like the wheel is fighting you every time you make a sharper turn? Is there a feeling of resistance that comes up from the road through your vehicle’s tires? If yes, it might be time that you go to the nearest auto repair shop in your area.
  • Shaky steering column – The rough vibrations may come from an issue with the drive shaft. Vibration can also happen on the floorboards, dashboard and all over your vehicle. If you feel some heavy vibrations when you accelerate, let a mechanic check your car right away.
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