Corrosion buildup can easily lead to various engine issues and even an eventual failure. Oil changes need to be done every 3,000 miles or every three months. The number one reason why you need to change your oil is that after you have driven your vehicle for many times, the oil in the car can get dirty and build up some gunk in the oil filter. There is really no way for you to tell whether or not oil is dirty by just looking at it that is why it will be a better decision if you will change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles. If you failed to change the oil, it can build up like get and get dirty that can cause your engine to fail in the long run. Basically, an oil change is about draining out the old oil, replacing the old filter and then putting in new oil to the car.

Regularly changing your oil will help eliminate all the harmful dirt, combustion byproducts and moisture. Also, this will keep your car’s engine seals soft and the moving parts clean and free. The common services that can be done on your vehicle include:

  • Changing the engine oil and the oil filter
  • Checking and correcting the tire pressure
  • Checking the fluid level for any differential
  • Checking and filling brake liquid, transmission coolant and fluid and windshield washer fluid
  • Transfer case, power steering fluid
  • Lube all fittings; lube trunk, door and hood latches and hinges
  • Inspecting the exhaust systems, drive axles, tires, oil leaks, suspension components, coolant hoses and engine belts
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